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Monday, October 10, 2005

Pak Lah's Prayer Unheard within

Pak Lah's Prayer Posted by Picasa

This is the wish and prayer of our beloved Prime Minister:

I seek NOT riches untold
To live a life of luxury,
I seek not millions
To live a life of plenty;
I seek not friends so many
To live a life of profligacy,
I seek he who is Al-Ghazali
I seek he who is Al-Shafie
To unravel the secrets in the Holy Books

Seeking Inspiration
To unravel the secrets in the ways of the Prophet
Seeking guidance,
I live only for him, my LORD
HE is my companion
HE suffices,
I live a life of full meaning
Immersed in the peace within.

I am sorry for Pak Lah, for it will be a ONE MAN Crusade, in search of Peace and Tranquility, while his family members are in search of:

Riches & extreme Wealth,

Individual Fame and Self-Fortune,

Political Positions and Power,

Wielding Keris and Shouting the Agendas.

They would do anything and everything to ensure that

the Goals and Personal Objectives are achieved,

At all cost, irrespective of the Price and Prize,

Even at the expense of mankind,

Even if it means to divide and rule,

Such as to cause hatred and enmity,

To drive a wedge amongst the various races,

Such as to ensure they are seen as the only anointed one within,

The only one that is capable to mislead and misdirect

the majority of one race, as against the whole world,

In finality, to achieve stardom and absolute power,

That equates to wealth and riches directed to only a few,

and mostly for themselves.

The hundreds of millions acquired so far,

Including the power and position achieved,

Is testimony of the prayer,

And the infinite lust and crave,

Which will cause the destruction of the whole,

To the point of equal wealth,

Comparable to Diam, and close to Gates,

If not, Syed Mokhtar or Buffet.

It is our hope that Pak Lah's Prayer and Wishes,

Are able to reach the hearts and Minds of the recalcitrants,

That GOD the Almighty, shall speak loudly to them,

That they should also hear of HIM,

And change, and redirect their present course,

of hunger for wealth and Lust for Power,

To the same destination and Seeking the same Inspiration of the one-man crusader,

To unravel the secrets in the ways of the PROPHET,

Seeking guidance,

such that they shall live only for HIM, my LORD

For HE shall be their only companion

that they shall suffices,

To live a life of full meaning

Immersed in the PEACE within.



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Blogger desiderata said...

mave :

i support your prayer for out esteemed PM; I did archive that prayer too.

I just add:

May the minions recalcirant, Repent
otherVice, swallow damed up, parts and 'hole
Oh wise Serpent!


6:51 PM  
Blogger Maverick SM said...

Thanks Desi, for you are the only one that shared my prayer.

12:50 AM  
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