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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Khairy's Last Push

Umno Youth’s proposal for a New National Agenda which will incorporate elements of the New Economic Policy is a “last push” to enable the Malays to catch up with the other races before 2020, its deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said.

“This is the one last chance to push for the Malay economy ....

Khairy emphasize that:

“We will be happy if they reach 30%, but after that we will have more targets ..."

Khairy mistakenly leak out his personal ambition - even if 30% is achieved, he wants more ...

"This is the last chance to push for Malay economy?" Which Malay? All the Malays or the oligarchy's platoon and acolytes?

He seems to be signing cheques that his body can't pay. He seems to believe that he is the chosen one, and that his family is making himself bigger than his real life.

He seems to imply that all past leaders had failed and no future leaders can do what he can. Would this narcissistic intellect be able to right the wrongs, or thrives deeper into the malices?

It amuse me.


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