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Monday, August 15, 2005

Pak Lah Delivers a Sermont in Mt. Malayu


Pak Moses's Sermont on Mount APnep

Pak Moses led the from Succoth on the edge of the globalwilderness. All along , the lord went before them as he knows these people may change their minds when pain confronts them, and they may turn back to NEPgypt Land. However, Pharoah's calvary and infantry went in pursuit, and overtook them emcamped beside the sea of Baal-sephon. The was in terror and clamoured to Pak Moses, "Were there no graves in NEPgypt, that you have brought us here to perish in the globalwilderness? See what you have done to us by bringing us out of NEPgypt! Leave us alone; let us be slaves to the NEPgypt. Better for us to serve as slaves to NEPgypt than to perish in the globalwilderness." But Pak Moses answered: "Have no fear; stand firm and see the deliverance that lord khaja will bring you this day; so say no more." The lord said to Pak Moses: "What is the meaning of this clamour?"


Pak Moses led from the Red Sea out into the Wilderness of Shur where they travelled 30 years through the glocalwilderness without finding 30% water. When they came to Marah convention at PWTC, they could not drink the AP water because it was bitter. The people complained to Pak Moses, asking 'what are we to drink'? 'If only we had died in NEPgypt, where we sat by the fleshpot and had plenty of bread and water! But you have brought us out into this glocalwilderness to let this whole assembly starve to death.'

The Lord Khaja then said: " I shall rain down bread from heaven for you, soooon. Now, each of you people are to go out and gather a day's supply ONLY, so that I can put YOU to the test and see whether you all will follow my instructions or not." But the people wants more. They want more than 60,000 AP water (and they want 30% of what they don't have). Pak Moses said: "What are we? It is against the lord MM that you bring your complaints, not against me?


The whole community set out from the wilderness of Sin and traveled by stages as the lord directed. They encamped at Rephidim, but there was not enough water ( project). Then they cried: "Give us water to drinks and water projects. Pak Moses said: "Why do you dispute with me? Why don't you challenge the ex-lord?" The people becomes so thirsty that they raised an outcry against Pak Moses: "Why have you brought us out of NEPgypt to let us die of thirst?" Pak Moses appealed to the lord: "What shall I do with these people? In a moment, they shall stone me." The lord answered: "Go ahead with the NMP; go and find me waiting for you there, by a rock BNM & EPF. Strike the rock BNM & EPF; water shall bleed out of it for the your people to drink."


When the people saw that Pak Moses was so long in coming down with projects from the mountain, they congregated and said: "Come, lets make Aaron Khaja god to go before us. As for this Pak Moses, we do not know what has become of him. Aaron answered: "Take the gold rings and bring them to me and I shall make it into the image of a bull-calf MA and these shall be your god that brought you from NEPgypt. The people then sat down to eat and drink and rejoice and then gave themselves up to revelry.

The lord said to Pak Moses: "Go down at once, for the people have committed a monstrous act. They have lost no time in turning aside from the way which I commanded them to follow; they have prostrated themselves and sacrificed to the bull-calf. I have considered this people and I see their stubborness. Now, let me alone to pour out my anger on them so that I may put an end to them."

Pak Moses then placate to the lord: "Why pour out your anger on these people whom you brought out from NEPgypt with great power and high hands? Why let the others say, 'he meant evil when he took them out, to kill them in the mountains and wipe them off the face of the earth? Turn from your anger and think better of the evil you intend against your people."

So, the lord thought better of the evil with which he had threatened his people.

Pak Moses then went down the mountain holding two tablets of commandment inscribed on both side. As he approached the camp, Moses saw the bull-calf and the dancing, and burst into anger. He flung the tablets, took the bull-calf and ground it to crush it. But the bull-calf has grown to the size of a bull and he can't crush it. He hurt his hands; but he can do nothing, as they had Aaron, the young intellect.

End - SCENE 1.

Begin SCENE 2:

SCENE 2, ACT 1: Pak Lah cried to his people: - Muslims must stop finding fault with each other if they want to revive the glory of the Islamic civilisation.


NST AUG 15, 2005


Muslims must stop finding fault with each other if they want to revive the glory of the Islamic civilisation, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said tonight. "Such polemics must cease," he said.

"We have to take a new approach and change our attitude. We must stop giving excuses that will stall progress."

"From the Quran, we will understand what is required from all Muslims. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge that will help eradicate illiteracy and poverty which are still the bane of many Islamic nations."

Abdullah said Muslims often blamed fate for their problems but did not make any effort to overcome them. Abdullah said Muslims must become "doers" and not mere observers and consumers of new discoveries if they wanted to bridge the gap with non-Muslims.

"While others compete to explore new opportunities, Muslims are content with being observers and taking advantage of new discoveries by others."

"We must avoid becoming non-progressive consumers. We need to become creators and innovators of knowledge and technology to enable us to revive the glory achieved by past Islamic scholars. There is no short cut to achieving this goal."

Abdullah said a change of mindset and attitude was needed for Muslims to be more dynamic and progressive.

"We cannot be satisfied with what we have because such an attitude will only make us lag."

Muslims, he said, would not progress if they were weak, lazy, illiterate and poor.

"These are diseases which must not be allowed to overcome the ummah because they can erode Islamic sanctity and values," he said.


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